Preliminary Entries

 No later than 3 (three) months before the first day of the ECCC Track & Field Juniors, each member federation shall send to European Athletics (usually via the EA online entry system) a preliminary list of athletes, the numbers of accompanying officials, together with their travel details and full contact details.

Each member participation club will have to pay a registration fee of EUR 1000, to be paid at the latest by the date of the closing of the preliminary entries.


 Final Entries

 Final entries shall be made through the European Athletics Event Management System which will be accessible at the following link: https://arena.european-athletics.org/. Member Federations’ entries manager shall use their already known individual and personalised access.

Final entries indicating the names and individual logistical information (detailed travel arrangements, accommodation request and rooming list) of the competitors and of the officials must be received not later than 10 (ten) days before the first competition day. According to the regulations the deadlines for the final entries are:

According to the regulations the deadlines for final entries are:

  • opening date of the online entry system:   23 August 2016
  • deadline for the entries:   07 September 2016, 14:00 CET


Final Confirmation

 Team Leaders or their representatives must confirm the names of those competitors already entered who will actually take part in the competition.

Forms for the final declaration and confirmation will be distributed to each delegation during accreditation. The forms must be completed and returned immediately. Final start lists will be ready for collection at the TIC after the Technical Meeting.

Maximum 2 athletes per team will be allowed to compete in 100m Extra races. Entries must be delivered during accreditation, together with Final confirmations.

The final relay team and the running order must be submitted to the TIC using the respective form not later than one hour before the published first call time of the event.



Withdrawal of any confirmed athlete must be indicated to the TIC at the Stadium in writing on the official withdrawal form.